What others are saying about Plan Your Peace:

I am a single mom that has to juggle A LOT! Planning in the midst of Instagram and Facebook lands can be overwhelming. I love that this course brings the focus personal. What do I need to plan? What are my values and priorities? Best course on planning I’ve taken and I will reference it often!
— Nikki
I loved this course! It was so eye opening, helped me see how I was using my time unwisely. Working on my baby steps.

Thanks Ali for making this class!
— Diana
Finally started Plan Your Peace and I’m struggling to not just keep going because I finally had the time! But I’m not! Just finished Lesson 2 and I’m excited to start the task for tomorrow. I’m already feeling like I’ll have my life back in order by the end of this class!
— Sara
So, I’m in my second week now and this has revolutionized the way I live. I didn’t know I needed it until I had some pretty clear signs and I got the message!

In the first few days of taking this course, I came to the following realization....every time I thought about a task, unbeknownst to me, I was subconsciously going over how difficult it may be as opposed to the simplicity of just turning up to it at the appointed time and deal with it then. Much like how we dread going to the dentist, but once we show up and see it through, we’re pretty proud with ourselves and think “that wasn’t so bad after all!”

By going through all the negatives in my head I was actually spending precious time on it but unproductively. That’s when I chose to shift my thinking and replace it with a new perspective of my tasks, using the tools in this workshop and positive affirmations to build myself up and change my attitude.

I’m still learning, but I have already accomplished way more than I would have done had I not taken this workshop! I have taken the key points and tools, noted them in my planner, and go back to the videos when I feel I need refreshing in a specific area.
Ali Brown is a wonderful teacher. Relatable, clear, and easy to understand. I love how compassionate she is and for that reason is very easy to watch.

Thank you so much Ali!!!
— Geraldine