It's time to Plan Your Peace...

How often have you said, "I wish I had more time to..."

  • create
  • read
  • journal
  • exercise 
  • meditate
  • fill in the blank
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As a music minister, homeschool mamma and business owner, I absolutely understand that overwhelming feeling of not having enough time. But now I know better. There IS enough time and the root issue is whether or not I'm stewarding it well. I used to panic from past deadlines, feel shame from always being late and was living a life of stress from being out of control. I allowed my chaotic, non-existent calendar to control my life. 

Thankfully, that is not my story now! 

Keeping a planner was never something that I naturally wanted to do. I'm a creative. And creatives like to live free from rules, form and structure. Let me tell you, after 5 years of keeping a calendar, I will never go a day without it.


I would love to share with you the valuable tools and knowledge I have learned and how I have been able to bring peace to my planner that has in turn given me a joyful life. 

Plan Your Peace
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The first lesson was absolutely magical! As I did the journal prompt, I was smiling to myself, completely lit up with so much love and light for all the things that bring me joy in life. Ali Brown, thank you, thank you, thank you dearly! From the get go you can feel your presence and soul in this class and I’m excited for the journey ahead and to cultivate an intentional life .
— Jade K.

video lessons 

There will be video lessons along with text posts to share information on how you can better steward your time. 


Each lesson will require a commitment to journal 5-10 minutes. It does NOT have to be a fancy or creative journal. It can be a simple composition book. For success in this class, you must take the time to assess your unique lifestyle and process how you will apply the tools and knowledge to your life. 


I will give you lots or resources and tools that I use to help me stay on track and have peaceful days. 



    As a work-from-home mom of three who is also trying to launch a creative business, I literally wish I could buy more time some days. Before Plan Your Peace, I would often end my days feeling overwhelmed about what I still had left on the “to do” list and guilty about not prioritizing the things that are important and precious in my life. The hours seemed to vanish into thin air.

    Since taking Plan Your Peace, I feel much more in control of my time and equipped to achieve my big goals. The beauty of Ali’s course is that not only does she give you practical strategies to implement immediately, she also includes tons of self-reflection. The course was completely different from other time management programs I’ve been through because it was more than just a tutorial about how someone else plans their time. It was a step-by-step guide on how you can plan YOUR time. The journal prompts helped me develop a self-awareness of what was going on in my life and apply strategies that fit into my world.

    As with all of Ali’s content, she is incredibly engaging and encouraging. Whether you are wanting to work toward big goals or just be more in control of your day-to-day, Plan Your Peace is a great resource. I highly recommend it to anyone no matter where you are in your planner journey.
    — Amanda S.
    Plan Your Peace
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