Dear Excited Ali...


Most of my life, I never considered myself an ‘artist’...because I never thought I was good enough at drawing. I was a musician, photographer and writer, but never equated these outlets as art.

Now I realize how silly that was.

A couple years ago, I took a HUGE step and not only attempted drawing my first face, but I posted it for everyone to see. I was so nervous about what other people would think of my art. I wish I could speak to my younger self from the experience that I’ve gained now. If I could, I would say:

Dear Excited Ali,
I’m so happy that you are expressing yourself through color and lines. You are going to have many years to explore and master the things that bring you joy. As you share with the world, please be prepared for the following:

1. Every time you post something, you risk being judged by someone else’s standard. Don’t allow their judgement to squash the joy you feel from how YOU create.

2. When you’re inspired by someone else’s work, you risk being accused of ‘copying.’ Continue to honor the people who inspire you by always sharing who they are and don’t shrink back from trying new things from other people.

3. If you start to grow and attract people who enjoy what you share, you risk triggering insecurities in other artists and may have unkind things said to you. Don’t allow their words to cut you. These folks are hurting and speak out of a fear of lack...that there is not enough to go around.

Continue to bless. Continue to model humility and love. Continue to be a champion of community. Here’s it in a nutshell...


Little Bit Wiser Ali

Most things have been done, but they have not yet been done by YOU.
— Elizabeth Gilbert