Let this be a memorial...


I have been staring at sections of jumbled letters and numbers for a couple months now. The formulas on screen made manifest from a divinely inspired idea in my mind. The idea that I could have a place to call home in the spaces of matrix. These sleepless nights and days of persevering to increase web-building knowledge...were all for the purpose of growth. To have a greater impact on more people who need healing and joy in their lives.

We could all use a little more of that, couldn't we?

Joy. That is what I want to be known for. Unwavering joy. I want to be known as the Joy Sharer. I want to show you how much joy can be squeezed out of every minute of the day. 

And as I sit here, about to click a simple button to make it all happen, I am overwhelmed. Fears start to creep in and unsolicited thoughts of future failure begin to lap. Round and round they go and I lose my breath and water begins to escape the soul-windows...

Where did this come from? Why do I feel completely vulnerable? Naked?

For a moment I have forgotten.

In humility, I cry out to Jesus for comfort and am found. I find so much peace in simply thinking about Him and His goodness...meditating on His faithfulness towards me in every single past situation. My heart sings with absolute confidence, "Great is THY faithfulness..." 

The storm in my head is quieted by His voice gently reminding me that HE has been the source of my joy always. I am reminded of all the ideas for my site that HE gave to me in the night via dreams. I am reminded of HIS HEART for people to experience the healing & joy that only comes from Him...that He shared His heart with me and that's why I desire to see people living abundantly. 

Overwhelming fear turns to overwhelming gratitude and this is holy ground and there must be rocks somewhere so I can build a memorial for my God...

Content blocks become my rocks and forged from code and pages, I build a website altar...where I will present my offerings to Him. Always first, for Him.

I dedicate this site to my Lord and my Love. The man who found me worthy enough of death and who is after my whole heart. Jesus, the One anointed with the Oil of Gladness above all others...the original Joy Sharer.

May this website bring healing and joy to everyone that visits it.